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Largest places in Sierra Leone

The largest cities and places in Sierra Leone at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Sierra Leone.

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Largest places in Sierra Leone
Pepel Pepel51.Northern Province Northern Province4,462
Serabu Serabu52.Southern Province Southern Province4,261
Manowa Manowa53.Eastern Province Eastern Province4,214
Gbewebu Gbewebu54.Southern Province Southern Province4,122
Palima Palima55.Southern Province Southern Province4,116
Gorahun Gorahun56.Eastern Province Eastern Province4,089
Tombu Tombu57.Eastern Province Eastern Province4,005
Baiima Baiima58.Southern Province Southern Province3,771
Wima Wima59.Eastern Province Eastern Province3,691
Masoyila Masoyila60.Northern Province Northern Province3,658
Yonibana Yonibana61.Northern Province Northern Province3,589
Makali Makali62.Northern Province Northern Province3,550
Tefeya Tefeya63.Eastern Province Eastern Province3,544
Tongole Tongole64.Southern Province Southern Province3,492
Sawkta Sawkta65.Northern Province Northern Province3,452
Largo Largo66.Southern Province Southern Province3,441
Mobai Mobai67.Eastern Province Eastern Province3,441
Loma Loma68.Northern Province Northern Province3,435
Giehun Giehun69.Eastern Province Eastern Province3,350
Mange Mange70.Northern Province Northern Province3,339
Bumbuna Bumbuna71.Northern Province Northern Province3,222
Masaka Masaka72.Northern Province Northern Province3,219
Bindi Bindi73.Northern Province Northern Province3,188
Alikalia Alikalia74.Northern Province Northern Province3,138
Jojoima Jojoima75.Eastern Province Eastern Province3,136
Konakridee Konakridee76.Northern Province Northern Province3,104
Gberia Fotombu Gberia Fotombu77.Northern Province Northern Province3,034
Mogbwemo Mogbwemo78.Southern Province Southern Province2,900
Giehun Giehun79.Eastern Province Eastern Province2,845
Koyima Koyima80.Eastern Province Eastern Province2,705
Simbakoro Simbakoro81.Eastern Province Eastern Province2,514
Seidu Seidu82.Northern Province Northern Province2,243
Kayima Kayima83.Eastern Province Eastern Province1,881
Kent Kent84.Western Area Western Area1,804

51 - 84 of 84 places
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