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Distances from Makeni

Distances from Makeni to the largest cities and places in Sierra Leone. Have a closer look at the distances from Makeni to the largest places in Sierra Leone.

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Distances from Makeni to the largest places in Sierra Leone
Binkolo Binkolo1.13,86710.2 km 6.3 mishow
Masingbi Masingbi2.5,64415 km 10 mishow
Magburaka Magburaka3.14,91521 km 13 mishow
Masaka Masaka4.3,21936 km 23 mishow
Bumbuna Bumbuna5.3,22237 km 23 mishow
Rokupr Rokupr6.12,50444 km 28 mishow
Makali Makali7.3,55051 km 32 mishow
Yonibana Yonibana8.3,58954 km 33 mishow
Lunsar Lunsar9.22,46158 km 36 mishow
Largo Largo10.3,44169 km 43 mishow
Kamakwie Kamakwie11.8,09871 km 44 mishow
Alikalia Alikalia12.3,13878 km 49 mishow
Port Loko Port Loko13.21,30883 km 51 mishow
Kukuna Kukuna14.7,67689 km 55 mishow
Baiima Baiima15.3,77189 km 55 mishow
Mange Mange16.3,33989 km 56 mishow
Moyamba Moyamba17.6,70092 km 57 mishow
Tefeya Tefeya18.3,54494 km 58 mishow
Kabala Kabala19.17,94895 km 59 mishow
Mamboma Mamboma20.5,20197 km 60 mishow
Loma Loma21.3,43597 km 60 mishow
Kayima Kayima22.1,88197 km 60 mishow
Yengema Yengema23.11,22198 km 61 mishow
Barma Barma24.7,52999 km 61 mishow
Kambia Kambia25.11,520100 km 62 mishow
Rotifunk Rotifunk26.4,858101 km 63 mishow
Palima Palima27.4,116104 km 65 mishow
Baoma Baoma28.7,044106 km 66 mishow
Bo Bo29.174,354108 km 67 mishow
Mambolo Mambolo30.6,624109 km 68 mishow
Boajibu Boajibu31.7,384110 km 68 mishow
Bumpe Bumpe32.13,580112 km 69 mishow
Wima Wima33.3,691113 km 70 mishow
Koyima Koyima34.2,705114 km 71 mishow
Pepel Pepel35.4,462116 km 72 mishow
Giehun Giehun36.2,845116 km 72 mishow
Motema Motema37.5,474118 km 73 mishow
Kassiri Kassiri38.5,161118 km 73 mishow
Simbakoro Simbakoro39.2,514118 km 73 mishow
Koidu Koidu40.88,000121 km 75 mishow
Serabu Serabu41.4,261122 km 76 mishow
Panguma Panguma42.7,965127 km 79 mishow
Kent Kent43.1,804128 km 80 mishow
Waterloo Waterloo44.19,750128 km 80 mishow
Mogbwemo Mogbwemo45.2,900128 km 80 mishow
Masoyila Masoyila46.3,658130 km 81 mishow
Sawkta Sawkta47.3,452131 km 81 mishow
Bindi Bindi48.3,188132 km 82 mishow
Tintafor Tintafor49.5,460132 km 82 mishow
Hastings Hastings50.5,121133 km 83 mishow

1 - 50 of 83 places
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